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Termite Control

Subterranean termites are considered one of New Mexico’s top urban pest.  As a homeowner, you may encounter termites at sometime or other.  If you find termites in your home, take some time to educate yourself on termites and termite control.  By doing so, you will be able to make intelligent decisions regarding a termite management option for your situation.

Subterranean termites live in colonies in the ground, building vertical tunnels that look like mud tubes above ground level so that they can search for food. Because subterranean termites will die if exposed to air for an extended period of time, the tunnels provide protection from the open air, allowing workers to carry food to the nest. Subterranean termites can form tunnels through cracks in concrete, so slab homes are not exempt from termites.

Pest control companies have an old saying…. “There are two kinds of houses. Those with termites, and those that will get termites.” In actuality, there is no guarantee that a house will or will not get termites. Termites are all around us in the soil.  Here in Albuquerque, we experience moderate pressure, particularly on the west side.  The most common termite encountered here in New Mexico is Reticulitermes tibialis (Arid Land Subterranean Termite).

Termites randomly forage through the soil constantly searching for a food source. They do not intentionally set out to destroy your house; they just see it as another food source. If your home has not been treated and they are in your neighbor’s house, chances are they will eventually run into yours.

Liquid treatments applied to the soil is the standard practice for treating a structure against termites. It is used to kill termites quickly and to create a barrier to prevent entry or reentry into a structure. Liquid termiticides give quick results, and when properly placed into the soil under and around a structure, it will create a continuous chemical barrier which blocks potential routes of termite entry.  The termiticide of choice for us here in New Mexico is Termidor HE from BASF.

Termidor HE contains molecular technology, that will provide you with an enhanced protection zone using less water, smaller trenches, wider drill hole and rod spacing, and shallower treatment depths.  For pest management professionals, this means lower costs through improved productivity, more efficient use of equipment and resources, and better business flexibility.  For you the homeowner, that translates into less disruption, digging, and drilling around the home

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If you suspect termite activity, or if you would just like more information on termite treatments, please call us and we will be happy to answer your questions—or come out to your home and give you a written quotation. To reach us at ABC, call 505-294-6601.