ABC Pest treats for termites at the Historic Zimmerman Library

Designed by John Gaw Meem, the original wing of Zimmerman Library was designed in Pueblo Revival style in 1938. The “West Wing” houses UNM Library’s Center for Southwest Research and Special Collections.  Since 2016 it is listed on the National Historical Register.

In the Fall of 2019, Zimmerman Library staff took notice to hundreds of termite reproductives (alates) swarming in the original west wing. Upon further inspection, mud shelter tubes were discovered with significant damage to the original framing on the book cases in the west wing. In addition, active mud tubes and swarmers were discovered in the basement mechanical room.

Over the next several months, ABC Pest consulted extensively with the University of New Mexico, the New Mexico Department of Agriculture and BASF on preserving and protecting this National Historic Landmark, and to keep it standing for future generations.